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to make democracy better!


Islanders for Proportional Representation (IPR) believes that democracy “of the people, for the people, and by the people” is one of the highest social, economic, and political goals.

IPR considers that democracy is:
                           •  an end-in-itself and is also the means to the end
                           •  an evolving and ever-changing aim and process
                           •  a constituent of every aspect of human life, including the life of the planet

IPR believes that democracy is impeded by hunger for absolute power

IPR believes the electoral systems are not the be-all of democracy; electoral systems are simply methods by which democracy may be practiced in the political domain.

IPR deems that proportional representation has the greatest capacity to ensure that the voice of the people is paramount in the political system during elections and between elections.

IPR holds that public policy makers are responsible for the development of a proportional representation system.

IPR believes that the best public policies, are made when politicians give high priority to meaningful and widespread engagement of residents.

IPR believes that referendums are, and have been, the means by which public policy makers avoid or deter positive movement toward proportional representation.

IPR is committed to doing all in its power to build a movement for proportional representation in PEI compelling government to enact PR at the earliest opportunity.

IPR is committed to collaborating with the national movements to establish proportional representation on the federal level.


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